Cookie Cutter Doesn’t “Cut” It.And Marginal isn’t Measurable.That’s Where We Fill the Gap.

Social media marketing should be “One Part” of your marketing strategy because it’s by far the widest reaching, immediate, and effective tool out there.  

For any business, social success is linked to brand recognition, awareness, engagement, and loyalty.

In fact,
  • More than 1 in 3 Internet users turn to social networks when looking for more information about a brand or product.
  • 44 percent of local businesses depend on social media to generate brand awareness. Just the same, 41 percent rely on social networks to drive up revenue.
  • Almost 90 percent of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, while 75 percent say they've had increased traffic.
*Source: Small Business Trends

When done right, effective social media marketing:

  • Strengthens your overall brand awareness…
  • Transmits on-target messages to key audiences…
  • And drives traction and traffic to your website…

No social media marketing strategy? Agonizing over what to post? Feeling crunched by the clock? Even more reason for us to work hardseriously hard for your benefit. Here at One Part Social, we start by understanding whats swirling around in your bubble. And what it will take to burst through it.

If this is you, then rest assured, you’re not alone.

Long days eating lunch at your desk while prepping for one more lengthy conference call, and also desperately trying to get home for dinner. You know — before your family forgets who you are.

Suddenly, a little birdie (a.k.a. your conscience) reminds you of that tweet that never chirped (ahem, posted). Oh, and that blog which never saw the light of day.

Honestly, you’re not even sure what you should be Facebooking about anyway. Yet, you understand that social media and brand recognition are essential to your bottom line.

You may be asking:

What makes a good social media marketing campaign?
What’s a smart branding strategy?
When and what should I post about?
What does engagement mean and how should it look?
What channels are truly worth the investment?

One Part Social is your catch-all, your confidant, and your counsel addressing these issues (and more)!

Why choose One Part Social?

There’s no need for big budgets or fancy manpower. Our personalized services equate to personally happy clients. Now, that’s something to smile about!

And one more thing…

We “get” small business – the challenges, the bootstrapping, the late nights – because we’re one too. So, let’s give you a fresh reboot.

Leave the online hustle and digital algorithms to us. Oh, and the Joneses… they’ll be begging to know your secret. Solution solved!

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